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Welcome to The Friday Lunch Club, where business leaders and founders come together to connect with like-minded individuals in a natural and enjoyable setting. Unlike networking events held in city centres, we offer a refreshing change of pace with events held in the Northern Beaches, North Shore, and Melbourne suburbs. Our aim is to help local business leaders and founders establish relationships that can help make a positive difference. 

If you’re tired of being bombarded with sales pitches and would like to expand your network in a relaxed and friendly environment, then The Friday Lunch Club is perfect for you. Click on your relevant location and learn more about how you can get involved with our community of business leaders and founders.

Our Founder

Jules Dormand

In 2020 we were thrust into a new world and the way we work on Friday’s became forever changed. Hybrid working gave leaders the power to work their way and choose Friday to work at home. This left a gap for connecting and networking over lunch. Jules became curious about which other Business Leaders and Founders lived in her locality, which gave birth to The Friday Lunch Club. 

Starting in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and drawing a crowd of like-minded people looking for connection, inspiration and fun. Jules has created an authentic lunch series that connects and heroes local people and businesses. 

Our Regions

The Friday Lunch Club is created to connect Senior Leaders and Founders who live or work within a local area. Currently there are three groups and more are to come.

Northern Beaches

For people who live or work in the Northern Beaches, from Palm Beach to Manly, Terrey Hills to Belrose.   

North Shore

For people who live or work on the North Shore our guests come from Kirribilli to the upper north shore areas.


For people who live or work in Melbourne, The Friday Lunch Club events are held in Prahan. Click here for more information.  

Our Recent Speakers

The lunches feature an inspirational and authentic member Q&A based on the event theme. To keep the informal vibes, everyone gets an opportunity to ask a question.

Michelle Guthrie

Chair Mighty Kingdom; Non-executive Director Starhub, Catapult Group and BNK Bank

Karen Ganschow

Head of Data Sciences at Aware Super, Lecturer at Macquarie Business School & University of Sydney Business School, Board Advisor

Anne Jamieson

CEO of Saxton Speakers Bureau

Phil Smith

Founder and CEO of Apparent. 

What They're Saying

Latest insights

Leaving port with no destination

“Sometimes we need to be floating around at sea before we find our next port. But we don’t know what it will look like, be like, or what we will be doing.” – Amy Buddy, with Brene Browne. It’s been a year since I took my last stride out of

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The power of storytelling

Recently, at the Friday Lunch Club networking event in Melbourne, Anne Jamieson, the CEO of Saxton Speakers Bureau, shared her insights on the Power of Storytelling. Through a Q&A session, I had the privilege of asking Anne a series of questions, and I’d like to share my top takeaways for

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How did marketing become the colouring in department?

After spending my career in marketing, I had the chance to reflect on my industry’s evolution with other business leaders and founders at The Friday Lunch Club last week. Specifically, why is Marketing so often termed ‘the colouring in department’ and how have we lost so much credibility? Many CMO

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Our Supporting Businesses

Each event showcases gifts from businesses and business people who live in the local area. See all supporting businesses.


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